maanantai 16. toukokuuta 2016

Traditional Finnish woodlore articles in ERÄ-magazine
by Ilkka Seikku

During this year (2016)I´ve been writing articles about traditional Finnish woodlore. There are few pages about finnish woodlore in every number of one of the largers outdoor-magazines in Finland, called ERÄ-magazine.
Photographs and videos are taken by a professional outdoor-photographer Panu Pohjola. We surely have a lot of fun while having weekends spending in wilderness, and taking pictures.
I have spend my lifetime searching and making concretely, these kind of stuff, so I don´t need to take loans from books or taking a long time to prepare before I start to write. Usually I just sit down and write the whole article straight to be ready. That makes it very nice and pleasant. To me, it´s more like relaxing, while I write about subject I know well and have experience.
Also the thing, that Panu Pohjola is a master photographer, gives me more space to write. I think our co-operation work perfectly. I know my subject and Panu masters his and we both can concentrate on things we love!

We also make short videos during photography sessions and those videos are published in ERÄ-magazines homepages. Also you can find those videos in youtube.

I´ll link those videos here too. New video comes in every month, so check my blog every now and then, if You are interested about Finnish woodlore.

Making nettle rope and tripod

Primitive back bag

Traditional trap