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The Ultimate Way Of Firemaking

I´ve always been very interested about making fire with just materials I can collect straight from nature.
Over 15 years I´ve been learning how to find the right materials, right techniques which goes with certain materials and other things which are important with fire making.
No matter if it´s winter, spring or autumn. Only the time to make the fire is longer or shorter.
In northern parts of the world, like here in Finland, the climate is totally different than in warmer places.
Here the summer is just a little pause between two long, dark and cold winters. Moisture is high and nothing gets totally dry because of low temperatures. Only in the late summer there might be so dry that materials are dry enough.

I made this little video in late winter. 21th of March, which is still winter time. Temperature is -7 degrees of Celsius (19.4F) and very cold norther wind blows.
Still snow, but in high places, like this little rocky hill, there are almost all the snow melted away. These are the places to look for, while searching fire making materials in this time of year.

Usually I use red cedar as a drill stick and chaga as a fire board. Those are my favoutites, but there are a lot of other materials too, even here in Finland! So you just need to choose from those materials, which are available and suitable for firemaking. That´s quite easy, it has took me now over 15 years and I still make sometimes mistakes =D

Here in this video I use aspen and chaga. Aspen is very good material and I use it a lot with bowdrill.
But as you can find out after watching this video, it´s OK material for hand drilling too.

I really wish you find this video usefull and maybe someone will get a little inspiration too!

The Ultimate Way Of Firemaking

4 kommenttia:

  1. That was one really great video!
    One can see that you did practice that handdrilling for a while. ;)

  2. Ohh and you might want to change may into march?
    Another thing. -7C and working with bare hands? You folks up north are a lot hardier than us southerners!

  3. Thank You Ron! You are right! I have wrote May, but of course I ment March. Thank You for noticing that, I did not see that at all =D
    I´ll change the right month in my text. I need to try if I can change it on the video also..
    -7C is actually quite "warm" after long and cold winter. I use to wear gloves in -15C temperatures, but nowdays I´ve become softer and I use gloves starting about -10C.
    Little tip; if Your head, body and legs are protected good for cold, Your hands stays warm.
    So I dont wear my furry cap, sheep vest and lapikas boots just for fun.. ;)
    Thank You again Ron for noticing my mistake about months!

  4. I do keep head, body and feet warm. loads of wool there, but still my fingers become painfully cold and numb below 0. I guess circulation might be the issue here.