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Myynnissä nyt! - On sale!

Rautasarven hämärän työpajan takaovesta myydään nämä tuotteet, joita päivittelen tänne jatkuvasti! Kannattaa siis piipahtaa usein!
Tässä osastossa olevat tuottet on heti saatavilla! Toimi nopeasti! Merkitsen myydyt tuotteet myydyiksi, aina mahdollisimman pian.
Sitovat varaukset osoitteeseen
Maksu joko postiennakolla, tiliennakkona käteisenä.
Mikäli käytät paypalia, lisätään kokonaisummaan 3,4%, jonka paypal veloittaa palkkiona.
Postimaksut postin hinnaston mukaiset.

Straight from Rautasarvi´s workshop! I´ll update items on sale here all the time! So visit often!
These items are available immediately! Be quick! I´ll as soon as possible mark those items sold which are sold.
Send me e-mail to order the item
I can deliver items all over the world and I do accept paypal as a payment! When paying with paypal, there will be 3,4% increase with total price, because paypal takes that as a fee. 
Delivery charges are straight from the pricelist of Finnish post.

These three traditional Finnish Maasepänpuukkos available immediately!Totally hand made without any power tools.
Blades from old files (C about 1.1%)
Price 140 euros/each +shipping. (payment via paypal and shipping all over the world are OK) 
If You want one(or two or all three) of these, give me a mail ( 
Normally waiting time for my orders is few months, but these are available immediately.
Maasepänpuukkos left to right;
1: Handle: birch Sheath; natural color
2: Handle birch burl Sheath: dark brown
3: Handle: cherry Sheath: red brown

Sheath: cows hide, hand sewed, waxed
Handle: birch, lenght 10,8cm, traditional oval shape waxed
Blade: material; old file(C1.1%), traditional rhombic shape, rattail-tang(burned in to the handle and glued), lenght 92mm, width 22mm, thickness 4mm.
Price 140 euros +shipping.

Sheath: cows hide, dark brown, hand sewed
Handle: birch burl, 10,3cm, traditional oval shape, waxed
Blade: material:old file(C1.1%), traditional rhombic shape, rattail-tang burned in the handle and glued, lenght 84mm, width 20mm, thickness 3,5mm
Price 140 euros + shipping

Sheath: cows hide, red brown, hand sewed
Handle: cherry, waxed, lenght 98mm, traditional oval shape
Blade: material:old file(C1.1%), traditional rhombic shape, rattail-tang burned in the handle and glued, lenght 75mm, width 21mm, thickness 4mm
Price: 140 euros + shipping

These all are back sewed. All have different danglers.
All have wooden liner inside and those inserts are always carved with puukko which belongs to that exact insert. Thats always my puukkos first work!


BushProwler with extra long blade SOLD!
Blade:17,5cm, width 34mm and thickness of 6mm. 
Antler handle. Redbrown sheath.
Price 320 euros. (normally my price for this kind of knife is 380 euros). Order this knife by giving me mail:
Be quick and You´ll be the owner of worlds largest BushProwler!

Normal size BushProwler and extralong BP side by side.

Seikku-puukko, a traditional maasepänpuukko 

I make only 5-10 Seikku-puukkos in every month. So be quick and make Your order early enough!

Here is one puukko, made in a very traditional way, as I always use to do. 
You can find out how I make these kind of puukkos, from great and informative"nordiska knivar" -blog.

This puukko is full of traditions; Blade is made from an old file as they did in old times too. Blade shape is rhombic, which is very common with old Finnish puukko blades. This rhombic shape originally comes from the shapes of files. These files were use to sharp the blade of saw. So called feather-file, which name is still in use. In finnish it´s sulkaviila. And the file finally was so worn that it was not usefull for sharpening, it was forged to be a blade.
Seikku-puukkos blade is 8cm long and 2cm wide. Thickness is 4mm from the thickest point. These measurements are very common in old "all around-puukkos".

Handle is made from cherry wood. Cherry is not so common in old Finnish puukkos, but it´s not surprising that these kind of garden trees were in use when making handles for the tools. Apple tree, cherry, lilac´s etc. have been known for their hard material in old days too.
The shape of the handle is maybe the most common shape in Finnish puukkos. And as it has commonly be with maasepänpuukko`s; there is no bolsters.

The sheath has it´s own story too;
You might first see there is almost like a nazi symbol! But don´t worry! That symbol in this sheath is way more older and has still it´s original meaning. You can see there are four arrows, pointing in different directions. This symbol comes from the old Finnish mytology. It´s the sign of Finnish god of war; Tursas.
And the name of this mark is "tursaan sydän"(the heart of the Tursas) and also called "mursun sydän".
My familyname (Seikku) has born in a village called Karkku. Seikku has started it´s conquest of the world from an ancient house, which is still in use and nowdays there lives my aunt with her husband. When my forefathers got this house, it was already named as a Seikku, originally spelled "Seicku". 
This house is most surtainly the oldest house in Karkku and it has been always inhabited! The oldest part of this house has built when vikings were making their trips! So it´s quite an old place! Even the logs of the house are cutted with axe, because there were no saw´s in Finland in that time! 
Tursas and Seikku has at least one thing in common; The house of Seikku stands in a place whitch ancient name is Tursaanmäki (the hill of the Tursas). Usually these kind of names of some places means, that those places were very important and somehow holy. So that´s why there is this symbol in this sheat.
The other symbol in the sheath is called hannunvaakuna. It´s also very old symbol. There are a lot of meanings for this symbol. Mostly this symbol was carved in wooden objects and also it was very common to carve this symbol in the wall or roof of the house. It´s a symbol for good luck and people did believe that this symbol protect house from thunder and lightning.
Also this symbol has something common with Seikku; it has been so called "puumerkki"(signature) for Seikku´s house and has been included in old escutcheon of Seicku´s house.

I hope this was fun to read and maybe there was something which You might find interesting too.
And if You have something to ask, just comment here!

Price 180,00 euros   I make only 5-10 Seikku-puukkos/ month. So be quick and make Your order early enough!


                                6.12.2013 Suomen Itsenäisyyspäivän kunniaksi!
                                Perinteinen Suomalainen käsintaottu kirves tervatulla saarnivarrella.
Terä on käsintaottu yhdestä jousiteräs-kappaleesta ja varsi veistetty kirveellä ja puukolla. Varsi tervattu omatekemällä tervalla.
HUOM! En ota kirvestilauksia vastaan, vaan myyn vastedes kirveitä vain kun satun sellaisen tekemään.

Today 6.12.2013 is Finland´s Independens Day.
That´s why I want to offer You something very Finnish;
Traditional Finnish hand forged axe (kirves) with ash handle, whittled with puukko and axe. Handle is dyed with selfmade pine tar. Axe is hand forged from a one single piece of springsteel.
NB! I´ll not take any axe orders. I will only make axe´s randomly and sell them here.

Kirveen mittoja:
Paino 1,2 kg.
Some measurements:
Weight: 1,2kg (2,65 lb)

Hinta 290 euroa
Katso maksu- ja toimitustiedot tämän sivun ylhäältä! 

Price 290 euros 
See the info about payments and shippings from the beginning of this page!

Vuohentalja nro1. 60euroa
Goat fur no1. 60euros

                                                                 Vuohentalja nro2. 60euroa
Goat fur no2. 60euros

                                                                Vuohentalja nro3. 60euroa
Goat fur no3. 60euros

                                                                 Vuohentalja nro4.  60euroa
Goat fur no4.  60euros

                                                                 Vuohentalja nro5.  60euroa
Goat fur no5.  60euros

                                                                 Vuohentalja nro6.  60euroa
Goat fur no6.  60euros

Käsintaottu rautainen sydänriipus 40 euroa
Handforged iron heart necklace 40 euros

Käsintaottu rautainen kyykäärme-koru 30euroa
Handforged iron viper necklace 30euros

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