torstai 28. toukokuuta 2015

Veitsi-Kilpailu  Knife Competition

We have talk a lot about arranging a knife competition where anyone can easily take a part. Competition where everyone are in same category and all kind of knives can be done. No limitation about materials or shapes of the knives. A true world wide knife making competition.
We decided to arrange this competition via facebook. There it´s easy to watch the pictures of knives and the best thing is that it´s easy to vote. Idea is that every person in facebook can vote. So the best knife will be chosen by ordinary people from all around the world. That´s how the winning knife will surely be the one people really like.

Taking part in Knife-Competition is very easy and totally free. In our Veitsi-Kilpailu  Knife-Competition facebook site You can find the instructions how to be a part of this world wide competition.
No need to take this competition too seriously, because one thing in this competition is to gather knife makers from beginners to masters together to learn about others works.

We´ll arrange more competition like this, right after this one.
Next competition will be TeamWork-Competition where two or more makers makes knife together.

Competition is created  by Ilkka Seikku and Jani Ryynänen

Veitsi-Kilpailu Knife Competition

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